The froehde reagent tests for the presense of potentially deadly adulterants in drugs. I don't condone any legal or illegal drug use. The U.K.'s drug legislation isn't helping anyone. Drug use is a health problem and not a criminal one, making it illegal just makes it deadlier (for young people esspecially). These deaths can be prevented with a kit that costs as much as cocktail. If our government doesn't adress the issue beyond saying "don't do drugs", then I will.


The best method of harm reduction is abstinance. No drug use is 100% safe.


It will detect:

Methoxetamine in "Ketamine" 

PMA, PMMA, and 4-FA in "MDMA"/"MDA"

DOB in "LSD"

(See photos for full list.)


The froehde reagent will last over 12 months if stored in the fridge and about 12 months if kept outside the fridge in a cool, dark place.

2 mL will give approximately 35 drops. One drop is required to perform one test.

As with all reagent tests, the froehde reagent contains strong acid and should be handled with care.

Includes reaction result guide for common compounds.

Froehde Reagent Kit